Saturday 15 October 2016

7 things we simply found out about 'The Walking Dead' season 7

The cast and group of "The Walking Dead" assumed control Madison Square Garden Saturday night to prod the show's up and watch walking dead season 7 episode 1 online.

Despite the fact that the board began a half hour late, fans were dealt with to the presentation of another clasp from the AMC arrangement. They additionally took in a couple of new things about what's to come in the zombie end of the world.

  1. We will realize who was slaughtered toward the end of last season in the season seven debut.
Showrunner Scott Gimple guaranteed fans the show won't make us hold up a couple of scenes to take in the destiny of Rick's gathering.

  1. Season 7 will be much bigger than past seasons.
"It truly is a bigger world," said official maker Hurricane Anne Hurd. "There are new universes will investigate with new characters, clearly Ezekiel and Shiva being two of them."

As fans will soon learn, Ezekiel is the pioneer of another gathering called the Kingdom. A previous zookeeper, one of his lines of resistance in the zombie end of the world is a tiger named Shiva.

  1. Norman Reedus, who plays fan-most loved Daryl, says recording that merciless scene with Negan was "hopeless.
Mediator Chris Hardwick asked Reedus what was experiencing Daryl's head while he's on his knees in the season six finale.

  1. Performing artist Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, says new rival Negan is more awful than past reprobate, The Representative.

"The Senator was little potatoes contrasted with this person since he has a structure set up," said Gurira. "He has a truly profoundly settled in structure. He [Negan] doesn't have one town — Woodbury [like the Governor] — he has stations in different spots we don't think about yet. We know it's more than one now."

  1. In any case, Jeffrey Senior member Morgan says you shouldn't really consider Negan a scalawag.

"I think Negan coming in and flexing his Barnum and Bailey style of equity on these individuals is somewhat his method for telling them that they weren't right and it's an ideal opportunity to go down an indent or ten," he included.

  1. Jeffrey Senior member Morgan prods we may see a gigantic backstory happen with one unpretentious line.

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